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Benefits of Pre-Planning - Memories Chapel & Pre-Planning Centre


A family discussion of funeral planning, although sensitive, can be a very satisfying experience for you and the ones you love. Planning in advance allows you to share feelings about various aspects of funeral services and inform others of your personal preferences.
By completing our planning guide, your family is provided with vital information they will need to make many of the difficult decisions ahead. Our plan will give you peace of mind knowing your wishes and funeral expenses are looked after.

Pre-planning provides:

  • an opportunity to put all your affairs in order in a relaxed, unhurried manner
  • peace of mind for the person pre-planning knowing it’s all taken care of
  • peace of mind for the surviving family knowing they won’t have to guess at what their loved one would want
  • Relieve the family of stress at a time when there is plenty of stress already
  • Allows the family more time to be together
  • Estimate of what your funeral would cost at today’s prices to assist with the decision as to whether pre-paying the funeral costs would be beneficial for you

Pre-funding provides additional benefits:

Peace of Mind - Perhaps the most obvious benefit a pre-paid plan provides is relieving your loved ones of the financial stress and burden at the time of one's passing. Funds are available to help pay for your final expenses.
Inflation Protection - Our plans increase over time to protect against inflation.Tax-free Benefits - Our plans accumulate with tax-free interest growth.
Your Estate - The money in your Purple Shield plan also by-passes your estate, meaning that it would not be subject to Probate fees. That means nothing is tied up at that difficult time.
Simplicity - At the time of one's passing, let us take care of the paper work.
Security - Purple Shield is the oldest and largest funeral expense funding company in Canada. As a policy holder with Assurant Life of Canada, your benefits are protected by Assuris. You will find Assurant Life of Canada listed on their website -
Ceremonies: There are many ways to honour the life of a person.  To some it is in the form of a religious service - religion and faith can provide much comfort at the time of a death.  To others it is in a come and go tea with some friends chosen to speak about the person.   In planning ahead, it may be meaningful to express your preferences for religious ceremonies or rituals. Fulfilling these wishes for you might hold special significance for those who are left behind. No matter which way you choose, it is important that you do it in a way that is right for you and in a way that is comfortable for your family. At Memories Chapel, our combined years of experience and training provide us with the knowledge required to assist you in making informed decisions about your funeral pre-planning requirements. Our staff is familiar with the amenities and services available through out the Westman region as well as the specific offerings of our chapel. Please contact us to request whatever personal touches or specialized services you and your family might wish to include.
The following are some of the points you will want to consider when pre-arranging a service.
Casket or Urn Selection: We offer a wide selection of styles and colours at different price levels so that our families may make a selection that is both appealing and affordable. Each of our funeral directors is prepared to answer all your questions regarding the materials and features of the merchandise we offer.
Flowers and Charitable Donations: After you have selected a casket or urn, you may wish to also record your preference of flowers. In this way you can ensure that the flowers placed on your casket will complement its beauty. If you prefer that memorial gifts be made to a favourite charity, this information should be recorded.
Music: Music is certainly a personal and individual art form. Perhaps you have a favourite hymn or other song you wish to include in your funeral arrangements. Here again, music that reminds loved ones of your unique personality or lifestyle can contribute much to a positive funeral experience.
Time and Location: Our funeral home offers flexibility in establishing times and locations for various aspects of funeral services. If you wish to have a ceremony conducted in a special place such as a nature retreat, or, if a certain time of day appeals to you most, record this information so that your loved ones will know. We are happy to work with families in making special arrangements of this kind, at the time of need.
Planning for Peace of Mind
Once you’ve made your decisions, you tell us exactly what your final plans would include. We’ll help you put it in writing by meeting in person or by completing our online pre-planning form. Then there’s no doubt about your expressed wishes. Your loved ones won’t need to ask: Did we do the right thing? Is it what he or she wanted? Did we forget anything? The directions you leave can be as general or as specific as you wish.

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