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Pre-Planning Overview - Memories Chapel & Pre-Planning Centre


The pre-arrangement process begins with meeting a funeral director prior to the time of need.  At the time of meeting, the discussion would involve a person’s specific and general requests. The funeral director can provide answers to your questions regarding the types of services we provide and mark down what your preferences are, the decisions you would want to leave to your family and those requests that you would like your family to remember.  Many people decide on the type of service they would like to have and leave the details of the service to their family such as the type of music or flowers that will be present. 

There are basically two types of pre-planned funerals.

1. Information File

An information file is one where a person’s preferences are recorded and kept on file at the funeral home.  The decision to record information can be made to alleviate your family from a great deal of stress at an already stressful time.  Here, the type of service and general information is recorded and kept on file at the funeral home.  A copy of this information can be provided to you as a record for you and your family.  An estimate of the costs of the services discussed can be provided at this time.

2. Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan incorporates all of the items included in an information file with the addition of financial arrangements to cover the expected costs.  Specific funeral home Professional Service Fees and Merchandise can be pre-paid with the funds securely set aside. This ensures funds are available when needed in accordance with the Laws of the Province and the Pre-Arranged Funeral Services Act.

Memories Chapel is an authorized representative of Purple Shield and there are several payment options available.  Monthly payments over a period of time or lump sum payments can also be made.

Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

Sometimes the most difficult part of the pre-arrangement process is making the initial appointment to discuss planning in advance.   The personal choices you make now, with clarity of mind and concern for others, are decisions made once in a lifetime. Contact Memories Chapel to discuss pre-planning by telephone 204-727-0330 or click here.


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