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Canada Purple Shield - Memories Chapel & Pre-Planning Centre

Memories Chapel is pleased to be an authorized representative of Canada Purple Shield. Canada Purple Shield offers a wide variety of funeral insurance and final expense plans. Their products are the result of careful research and years of experience. 
Final Expense Insurance - Ensuring financial security and the well-being of your loved ones are the main reasons you buy life insurance...
Canada Purple Shield final expense products are specifically designed to set money aside for the future use of paying for a funeral or cremation at the time of need, in addition to mortgage loans, credit card or other debts you may leave behind. Regardless of your age or health condition we offer an insurance plan to meet your needs:
  • No medical exam required.
  • Plans are issued immediately, regardless of your health.
  • Offered to individuals from 0 to 99 years of age.
  • Guaranteed Premiums that will never change.
  • Life time coverage ranging from $400 to $50,000.
  • Increasing death benefit to help protect against inflation.
  • Quick claim payment, often paid immediately. The designated Beneficiary receives the death benefit proceeds without having to wait for the will or estate affairs to be settled.
  • Death benefit proceeds are received tax free. If a plan is sponsored by a funeral home, all the money grows with tax-free interest.
  • Proceeds can be assigned to any funeral home to pay for funeral expenses and are accepted by all Funeral Directors as payment. Canada Purple Shield® can direct the proceeds to the funeral home of your choice giving peace of mind to you and your family that money to cover your funeral will be available.

The World Wide Travel Insurance Plan ... passport to a client's peace of mind.

* Some restrictions may apply

The Worldwide travel insurance Plan ("Travel Plan") is another example of the wide choice of value-added products offered by Assurant Life of Canada®. This plan provides your family with a peace of mind knowing all details will be taken care of if your death occurs while travelling away from home. If a death should occur while out of the country or even just out of town, returning the deceased to their home can be an expensive and complicated process. The Travel Plan takes care of all the details and associated costs.

Complete Coverage with Attention to Detail... When someone covered by the Assurant Life of Canada® Worldwide Travel Insurance Plan dies 100 kilometers or more away from home or when they have crossed an international border, one toll-free phone call is all that is needed to begin the process of returning the deceased to their home. Travel Plan associates are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will immediately begin notifying the appropriate parties necessary for a quick and safe return. Travel Plan services include the following:

  • Handling of all necessary documents, including consular services if death occurs outside Canada.
  • Locating and arranging transportation to a local funeral establishment near the place of death, who will then prepare the deceased for transportation home to Canada.
  • Providing transportation for one traveling companion to return home with the deceased to Canada.
  • Traveling alone – If the insured is traveling alone, the plan provides transportation and reasonable travel expense for one next of kin to travel to the location of the sending funeral establishment and to return home with the deceased to Canada.

Shielding your family from unexpected financial loss has never been so easy and affordable!

Final Documents Service and Identity Theft Restoration Services

  • Options available for an additional cost

    Why FDS?

    Our Final Documents Service ("FDS") provides your family with a professional, knowledgeable and convenient aftercare document preparation service.

    Assurant Life of Canada's Final Documents Service (FDS) provides a customer's family with a professional, knowledgeable and convenient aftercare document preparation service. FDS is a pioneer in estate documentation ... assisting in the accurate and timely processing of necessary forms and documents after the passing of a loved one, speeding up the time to claim and secure closure, and helping to maximize government and corporate benefits. The customer's family receives a customized package with a cover letter taking them step-by-step through the signing of the prepared documents. Also included are attached preaddressed stamped envelopes and copies of all correspondence for their files. A complicated and time consuming process is simplified to assist at a difficult time.

Relief from tedious administrative burdens after the death of a loved one

In just 4 simple steps, your paperwork is completed. An FDS associate:

    Final step - you place the stamped envelopes in the mail.

Of the many items, here are a few actions the Final Documents Service will initiate for your family:

  • Call to collect the details, which takes approximately 30 minutes.
  • Review over 220 items, choosing only those which are relevant to a customer's situation.
  • Complete the paperwork and then mail the documents ready for signature. Should there be any questions once a package is received,
  •     our compassionate associates will be pleased to guide a customer through the process.
  • Apply for Canada Pension Plan death survivor and children's benefits
  • Notify Veterans Affairs
  • Notify insurance companies and banks
  • Apply for a GST refund
  • File for corporate pension plan benefits in Canada or foreign countries
  • Notify passport and driver's license offices
  • Retire the deceased's Social Insurance Number and Health Card
  • Transfer rewards points in affinity or membership cards
  • Notify and terminate WSIB coverage
  • And over 200 other items!


Identity Theft Restoration

Identity Theft Restoration (ITR) is an important protection included with your FDS plan. ITR offers a full restoration provision in the event that your passport, driver's license or other important identity documents are stolen, or if you suspect fraudulent use of your identity for credit.

ITR service provides you with the following benefits:

  • Certified Fraud Restoration Specialist dedicated to your case.
  • Investigates all fraudulent accounts on credit profile.
  • Issues fraud alerts to national bureaus and your credit file.
  • Restores your credit accuracy with national credit bureaus.
  • Identifies creditors and disputes all fraudulent accounts with affidavits, statements or legal dispute letter.
  • Notifies and works with the collection agencies of those creditors holding fraudulent accounts.
  • Notify and work with Passport Office, financial institutions, utilities, CRA, provincial health plans, etc.
  • Work with police, federal law enforcement and Service Canada.
  • Services continue until you confirm it has been resolved.
  • Report of the investigation to you upon completion.

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